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CY-15 Bell Sensitivity SOLVED!!(????)

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  • CY-15 Bell Sensitivity SOLVED!!(????)

    I did it by mistake but it works great. I switch my V's to a gibralter rack and when I moved the ride to the new rack it did not set just where it should have or is normally placed. The cymbal was in the right location but I had not adjusted the tilt "thingy" to my normal position, in line with my body so it moves up and down when I hit it at the bottom. The cymbal was about 45 degrees out of whack and I had band practice so I had no time to move it. It worked great the bell has a hot spot!!!! The bell is hot directly under the Roland(bottom of bell under the center post). Now that I think about it, it is the same way I used to play my acoustic ride not underneath but at the side. Now my V-Ride is set like that and it triggers GREAT. I was happy with the bell sensitivity before, now I am OVER-JOYED!! I will have to watch the 2001 new product video and see if that is where they were hitting it.(when I get it back) I hope this helps and works for everyone and is not just something that happen on my kit. It kind of make sense that that would be the hot spot, it is like taking the rim trigger and making a line to the center of both ends and making a triangle type shape that is where the ideal bell triger location should be. Playing the bell not under the Roland is like playing a rim shot outside the PD-120 rim trigger zone, poor triggering. Please try this and let me know what results you get. Am I crazy or did I really solve the problem. For me I did and I hope for others too!!

    Ted H.
    Ted H.

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    It solved it for me too!!


    I can play proper funky now!!

    "I do what I like, and I like what I do."


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      Hmmm. Can't find a hot spot on mine, but bell has always reacted pretty realistically on mine. Hard to get good triple bounce strokes to trigger all three sounds (and even doubles on some of the bell choices) but real cymbals can be like that too. There seem to be plenty of bell sounds that trigger light and fast enough for me. I'm going to have to try someone's kit that has this problem because I still keep hearing about it. Glad to see work-arounds though.