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Hart KS Head Faliure?

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  • Hart KS Head Faliure?

    Hi everyone,

    I have been having a problem w/ my 12" Hart KS Mesh heads and I wondered if anyone else had the same problem.

    I bought 2 of these heads for my DIY set. The heads are great except for the fact that they seem to shift a bit during playing. Aftr a week or two, the metal collar on the head will slip between the drum bearing edge and the hoop. I've tried several different flanged hoops, but I experienced the same problem with both heads on different 12" drums.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I just readjusted them last night and have a weekend full of playing, so I'll let you know if the problem persists. Thanks in advance for your comments!
    V-Custom w Roland TD-8 and and Alesis DM5, DIY edrums

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    I said thanks in advance!!! What else do you guys want??? A dozen roses??? Geeeez!
    V-Custom w Roland TD-8 and and Alesis DM5, DIY edrums


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      I have had similar problems with a Cannon Attack head on a kick drum... It would slip between the hoop and bearing edge....really annoying.

      I think that you may have a problem with a head that was manufactured out of tolerance... I am certain that was the problem with the Attack head...



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        Thanks C. Jude and sepdrums. What is most frustrating is that both Hart 12" heads slip through on at least 3 different 12" drums and 6 different hoops. I am sure it is the Hart heads but I would rather not have to buy new heads. Although, that is probably what i will have to do.

        I did reseat them Friday evening and played with them all weekend. They did start to slip a little, but some strategic tuning slowed the slippage. Anyway, jus a little frustrated.

        I'll try the Hart/Roland 12" hoop idea.

        Thanks again!
        V-Custom w Roland TD-8 and and Alesis DM5, DIY edrums