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V cymbals upgrade?

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  • V cymbals upgrade?

    I have the V concert set. I am upgrading to the V cymbals and am thinking of the new CY12's instead of the 14 and 15 because they will fit in my V drums case. I like the idea of having the bigger size cymbals, but I understand the V drum case is really meant for the V concert set with the PD-9's, not the V session set with the V cymbals. Do the CY-12's perform as well as the 14 and 15, especially the ride. Also, is it true that you can use the CY-12RC as a high hat. How is this done? How do you mount it securely? Thanx.

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    Hey, I used a cy12 for a hi-hat on my last kit, I mounted it to a regular old cymbal stand with the roland mounting kit, but put one of those large felt washers underneath the cymbal as well as on the top to keep it from swinging too much. I found that this worked pretty well, the cymbal did have a tendancy to rotate a bit after awhile, but nothing I couldn't live with.

    I always had problems with the edge sensor dropping hits though, it got to be frustrating because on fast 16 note hh work, it became very noticable. I don't know if this was because I didn't have the tdw-1 vcymbal control upgrade or what. I experienced that on all my other v-cymbals as well, I really had to mash the heck out of it to get the edge to trigger correctly. It ultimately led me to sell my v-cymbals and go back to the rubber pads (which I hate as well). Sigh, I wish there were a solution that just worked...