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V-Club Output Level Adjustment

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  • V-Club Output Level Adjustment

    Recently I have selected the TD-6 on my V-Club set to playback
    a song over and over so that I can go to the front of house
    mixer in my church to experiment with mix levels, EQ. etc. when I am there by myself. The songs I usually playback are the ones with just the drum kit playing and no other instruments.

    I have noticed that the output level of the drum is much, much higher than when I strike the pads during normal operation.

    Can the level be adjusted lower to approximate my normal playing level?

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    Are you playing a song that you recorded? If so, then the volume would be set with the Master Volume under the Common parameter (Page 68), but this also affects the main output.

    If you're playing one of the Roland canned songs, then the drum part is actually recorded to the percussion part, and you can adjust the volume of the perc. part. (Page 85 - Adjusting song volume).

    hope this helps,
    eDrums: TD-12, PDX-8 , PD-8s, CY12R/C, CY-8s, CY5, KD-8, MDS-10PL rack, SPD6
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      Thanks for the reply. It is one of the canned songs so I will give that a try to lower the level.