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Vruk Pedal

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  • Vruk Pedal

    Has anyone used one of these, if so what are you thoughts and experiences?

    vruk pedal website

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    Wow, I used to have a GHOST pedal, way back in about 1980 or so. It was truly a strange pedal, but it worked well. All my drummer friends loved it. I had forgotten all about that. Thanks, Albator, for that good memory.

    :D I just love to play drums!!!:D


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      Maybe I'm easily swayed by pretty marketing material, but that looks like it would really work. Probably require some re-learning of technique, but it looks like it could increase speed... Love to hear from someone who's used one though.
      kit pr0n.


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        The Vruk extension, as well as the Sonor Giant Step and Duallist all are nice inventions BUT don't expect them to be a double bass pedal and don't expect an easy use without a lot of practicing. If you don't want to invest in this, they are quite expensive as well. Too expensive to be a gadget, if u ask me