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Problem with CY-6s

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  • Problem with CY-6s

    I have a V-Club that I play for my church's Praise & Worship band and I love it! The set is right at a year old. I use one of my CY-6s as a Crash/Ride (top set to ride, edge set to crash). After using it this way for a few months the dual zone capabilty has disappeared. When I hit the top for the ride sound, all I get is a short cut off (sounds choked) ride sound. The edge also sounds this way. I took off the cover where the 1/4 inch cable connects and fiddled with the small ribbon cable that gives the cymbal its dual zone capability. It might fix it for a few minutes, then it is right back to the choking sound. If I unplug the little ribbon cable, then the cymbal is fine, but it is noe reduced to a single zone crash (without chokability).

    This happened to one of them while I was in the middle of playing (very annoying - sounded horrible). After the service was over I messed with it a little and couldn't get it to work consistently, so I just swapped out the other working cymbal and unplugged the ribbon cable on the bad cymbal to still let me use it. Well, guess what, the working cymbal has now done the same thing and it happened yet again while I was playing. Now I have two dual zone cymbals that I can only use a single zone on and they can;t be choked.

    Has anyone else out there had this issue? If so, is there anything else I can do to get them back and working? I know I can buy new ones, but if this is going to happen again it is rather pointless. Besides, we are talking about a church that doesn't have money flowing right now, and buying new $200+ cymbals is not really a good option.

    Thanks for any and all help!

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    Check out this thread...
    My website...
    VCustom kit,
    TD8 + Aphex Impulse,
    HDI Cymbals.
    A great site: eDrumming.com


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      About once for every hour of playing, I hit a cy-6 and get no sound - only once, and only after its been a while since I hit it. then it works fine again. It happens with both rim and the top. I just got the v-club/TD-8, and i'm a light hitter. everything else is fine. I've experimented with the trigger sensitivity and threshhold.


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        take them to your closest guitar center while they are still in warranty.


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          What would Guitar center do?
          I bought the drums at bpmmusic.com


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            If you know any of the guys at your local GC, they might send it off to Roland for you. That's what I did.

            I have one on ebay right now along with some other pads.