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Has anyone heard these powered speakers?

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  • Has anyone heard these powered speakers?

    Samson DB500a powered speakers. 500 watts, 400watt low end and Sam Ash has them for $499. They look like they might compare to JBL G2s. I would be interested what people think.


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    I've had my eye on these as well, but I'm kind of interested to see what other people have to say about them first. The specs are good and the price is right, but you just never know about these things. I haven't seen anything in the way of reviews on the DB500As yet........
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      Never heard them. Going on Samsons past record/reputation its probably the cheapest possible stuff put together to copy another idea at a price point. They could have changed though. Anyone heard them, had them for awhile?


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        I just purchased these used for $80! The guy was moving and he didn't want to lug this bad boy....This thing is heavy duty! I am looking forward to hooking them up tonight!