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Digital Performer and TD8

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  • Digital Performer and TD8

    For the life of me I can't sequence drum parts on my DP 3.0 / Mac rig with my Vdrums / TD 8 set. Somebody help!! Please!!!

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    I'm using a TD6 with Dp 3.1 and it works great. I don't the particulars of the TD 8, but I'll explain what I did for the TD6 and maybe that will easily translate to the TD8.

    First, I have midi cables going in and out to and from my Vdrum brain to my midi interface. Next, I set the drum sounds to transmit and receive on channel 10. On the td6 you can play both a percussion set and a dum set ffrom channel 10. I altered my setting so that each plays on a different channel. Then, I simply record enable a midi track on the Vdrums on channel 10 and I'm set. i had some issues with drum machines being sent synch and unwanted notes, but I fixed that with MOTU's Clockworks app.

    If this doesn't help, maybe you can explain what isn't working a little more in depth and I'll try to help if I can./