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Mars auction

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  • Mars auction

    Check out this link to the auctions coming up.

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    A black sonor delite... yummie yummie!

    Music was my first love...


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      Did I read that correctly? That 4 Mars stores are bankrupt?!
      Expanded TD-10, TD-7, PTX-8, DrumKAT 3.8, 8xPD7, 5xPD9, 4xKD7, FD7, 3xPD100, 4xPD120, 4xHart Acupad TE3, 2xECymbalX, Pintech Kick, 10xLP Spike, 2xSapphire, 3xPTT8, 1xPSD8, PBD8 Kick, 2xSynare 3, 2xAcrylic Cymbals, Gibraltar/Roland racks


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        Originally posted by Shep2112
        Did I read that correctly? That 4 Mars stores are bankrupt?!

        The entire chain has filed for Chapter 11, as a result they are selling off the "stuff" at the all of the stores they are closing while they reorganize. My guess is that more stores will be closing in the next wave.


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          Mars Chapter 11

          I'm not surprised. I don't know how they expect to keep 3 stores open within 50 miles of each other here in Atlanta. Two of these stores are in direct competition with Guitar Centers just a few miles away. I'm closest to the 3rd store, and with my luck, they'll probably close that one. I'll miss the clinics (saw David Garibaldi, Dennis Chambers and Zoro). But with on-line stores like Musicians' Friend, Full Compass, etc., with competitive pricing, no sales tax and free shipping in most cases, how could so many of these "superstores" survive? The good that will come of this is that the independent drum shops might get a second chance. We're down to one now (Atlanta Pro Percussion), the other (Atlanta Drums & Percussion) was squeezed out of business by Mars/GC a few years ago.


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            Man... I wonder how cheap that gear will go for?? It is open to the public so I would imagine somewhere close to dealer cost....

            How cool would it be to have an extra 10k laying around....