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direct outs & headphone monitoring

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  • direct outs & headphone monitoring

    First let me apologize if this issues has come up before, I couldn't find an answer when searching the archives.

    Up to this point I've been using my V-session (TD-10) live running only the main stereo out put. I use the mix-in to recieve the aux send from the house board (split L&R naturally) and then monitor myself and the other performers with my in-ear monitors plugged into the headphone jack. This has worked very well and I believe is what the unit was intended for.

    To give our soundman more control I have purchased a 4 channel DI box and wanted to send kick, snare and everything else L and R. To accomplish this I panned the kick L and the snare R and sent them to Direct Out 1 (as in the future I was going to use direct outs 2 and 3 for splitting the sends up further). This works great for the house sound but my headphone output now has the kick panned left and the snare right!! (rather annoying)

    I looked on the block diagram included with the TDW-1 and it doesn't appear that there is any way to pan the headphone output differently but I want to ensure I'm not missing anything as the technique I am using seems to be a fairly common one.



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    You aren't doing anything wrong. That's how it works. You might want to get the house to send you a mix, including your drums, panned in normal sounding stereo or mono. If you prefer to use the TD-10 so you can control the mix you can use a mixer, repan and use the mixer for your phones. I guess this is another feature needed on the TD-12 wishlist.

    I tried making an adaptor to go from stereo phones to mono. It was just a matter of running a TRS 1/4" male into the TD-10 phones input, cutting the cord about 6" from the plug and combining the R&L wires together. See attachment. It worked, but I didn't use it for long since I went back to using the master outs.

    I don't know if combining the R and L leads will cause any problems. I looked for a pre made adaptor that would do this for me but didn't see anything locally. I'm sure there must be something out there.
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      I think you'll need some components in there to keep the L&R separate from the TD-10's standpoint. Otherwise, you're combining amplifier channels, which over time will burn something out. There should be circuits available online for building a combiner device that doesn't send signal back into the other channel, a 1 way filter basically..
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