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Those small Bose Acoustimass Home Speakers

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  • Those small Bose Acoustimass Home Speakers

    Anyone out there ever tried hooking thier e-kit to a Bose Acoustimass Home Speaker system. It's the older version with two pairs of 3'' speakers and one subwoofer. I think it all runs under 200 watts? I just wanna know beforehand if it will handle the lows or highs. It is really loud in my 25ft. by 25ft. practice room when I play CD's, but how 'bout from the module through the amp then to the speakers? Thanks for you help.

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    I haven't hooked up the V's to the boss system, but my guess is that it might not be the best idea anytime one tries to hook up V's to home stereo systems. the reason is that the dynamic level output by the module (or actually also synthesizer etc...) is to large for what home stereo spekers can handle. CD's sound OK because they have been mastered in a way that is suitable for playing in most systems.
    my advice is NOT to use home stereo-type equipment to power your V's. However if this is the only alternative, make sure you run the signal through a processor, i.e. limiter/compressor of decent quality.

    I hope this helps,

    V-Session / Pearl A set / Sabian


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      According to what I've read, you can do it but you have to be very careful. If you keep the volume to a minimum you should be OK. Like Titof said, home stereo systems are simply not designed to handle the raw output from musical instruments. You would be much happier with a small keyboard amp.
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        I used the same Bose with my Session set for about a year before I purchased a Mackie, used them with no problem, cranked way up. They came in handy when playing along with CD's! The lows are not are clear as with the Mackie, but you can get by just fine. No damage at all when cranked (at least I didnt have any).

        Have fun


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          Hi Joeltudeflo and All ,

          I have Bose acoustimass speakers hooked up to my amp which is feed by a digital mixer into which the TD8 , sampler and sound modules all run. I also mic up the real kit too.
          However I don't use them for mega volume but just as light foldback to hear the TD8 , sampler etc alongside the acoustic kit. Generally I have a headphone mix from the mixer and use the Bose as a record playback .

          Does this set up count for your needs ?

          I find the Bose along with my studio monitors give a very good sound if I do want to crank the mixer and "give it some" . As others have suggested it is probably best going thru some processors, mixers , amp etc etc.
          My system works well and , to be honest , I wouldn't be that keen to test it for you ............. Worked for Tully though !!!!
          If you have any Q's though fire away.

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            Hi gang

            I am the guy that convinced his wife that Vs can be considered living room furniture (and actually they have but that is a subject for a later post.....I have built a "Platfoam" supported riser that really sets the V off in our decor while protecting me from sound related litigation with the downstairs neighbor.....i hope to post picture soon)

            I run my V-Club set through a 4 channel "shack" mixer inserted in a tape monitor loop on a 100 watt RMS Kenwood Reciever. For speakers I am running Bose AM 15s with the powered subwoofer module. I have not had any trouble playing my Vs through this system. The powered subwoofer module handles the kick very well and the small speakers bring out the cymbals with great clarity. It is way loud enough to get my condo association mad at me and just right to play before my adoring fans at parties.

            The only problem I have had is that when the reciever is left in Dolby surround mode, it creates a nasty crackling overdrive when you play the kick drum or lo frequency tom sounds. Switch the unit to stereo and all sounds great.

            I wouldnt want to use the system to play live but for your living room or practice room.the Bose system can sound very good.
            The Captain