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Akai MPD 16

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  • Akai MPD 16

    Has anyone ever played with this in a store?

    Do you think you could play it with sticks? Or with just one stick to trigger loops or percussion sounds?

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    Can't say as I've ever seen one in person. The 'pads' look really small. The Akai website sucks big time! Not much info on this guy... no dimensions or anything.

    I suspect it is a great tool for Snoop Dog and his possey to program those slammin' drum tracks, yo! (Like all rap songs don't just use the same drum track... over and over and over and over and...)

    Anyway, I would love to play with this thing for a while and see what it's capabilities are.
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      Sorry... I should have posted a link

      According to this French site the dimensions are 264 x 205 x 40 mm. not that big.... but wait... it also says the weight is only 90 grams! That's not enough to beat it with a stick...


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        As far as I know they're the same knobs you'll find on an Akai MPC2000 (xl).

        I have owned an MPC and all I can say is that they are absolutely not made for playing with sticks. Allmost like trying to hit normal keyboard keys with your sticks.
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