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Best way for Layering Bob Clrmntain Samples (for an example) over VDrum Midi tracks?

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  • Best way for Layering Bob Clrmntain Samples (for an example) over VDrum Midi tracks?

    Hey Guys...

    Well, with some drum stuff done for three of our songs, I believe I'm ready for the next step, which would be to "fix up" the vdrum kit. It's not that I dislike the sounds the vdrums have to offer, but I thought since I have the capability, I might as well take advantage of it and also gain experience working with EXS24 and samples in general at the same time.

    So, my question is, would it be possible to layer these external drum samples over the vdrums? Can it be done in real-time? Or do I have to copy the vdrum midi track to another and reassign those midi #s to those which correspond to the ones I set up for sample triggering and then play both tracks back simultaneously? The latter seems like a nuissance

    Furthermore, are there ddrum sample CDs out there? I would like to hear more of those since what I'm going to be doing is heavy metal and they seem like the e-drums of choice among heavy metal drummers.

    Any .02 you guys would like to throw in would be appreciated, thanks.


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    If you are using the EXS 24 Im assuming your using Logic Audio, which I am familiar with..

    there are a lot of possiblities here...the one that came to mind, and the one I use a lot is to copy the vdrum midi track, assign it an audio instrument (exs24), and demix by note pitch both the exs24 and the vdrum track...

    with that method you can layer each individual part of the kit into each other..

    once you are happy with the final "tuning" of the vdrum midi track, assign the outputs of vdrum module to an audio input and burn an audio track...

    now bounce both the exs 24 track and the vdrum (audio) track to one master track and this becomes your "drum" track...

    the "drum" track can be further tweaked once its laying in the mix by means of compression, eq, delay, gate, etc....sort of a "pre master" tune up..

    Again, there a endless possiblities..this is the one that works best for me...


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      Wow thanks man. This sounds good but I might have to ask you if you can elaborate on some of the steps you mentioned.

      If I may, what do you mean by "demix by note pitch both the exs24 and the vdrum track." And how does this allow me to "layer each individual part of the kit into each other[?]"

      Please pardon any ignorance here...



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        I could say "RTFM"....(read the F******* manual!) , but I won't go that route...who knows, maybe you can help me out sometime..

        Demix by note pitch is a way of separating your midi tracks according to midi note....very simple....so it follows that if you demix a drum track, you are separating the parts according to snare, kick, hat, ride, crash, tom, etc....

        to do this in logic go to "functions" and scroll down towards the bottom of the menu...
        make sure your track is selected, then simply click on this option and your drum parts should be separate...this will work for either your vdrum track or your EXS 24 track...

        after this is done, say you want to burn your kick an audio track, where you will be able to apply compression, eq, verb, gate, etc...simply mute all the other drum tracks except your kick, and route the outputs of your vdrum module into the audio inputs of your sequencer and record....

        when your EXS 24 tracks are demixed, you dont have to burn an audio track unless you are ready to master your drum track, then you simple use the "bounce" feature....

        read the manual, practice working with the software, and you'll be amazed at the possiblities...

        good luck