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Me and V-Sessions are Hydrophobic...

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  • Me and V-Sessions are Hydrophobic...

    Hello Fellow V-drummers,
    I am having so much with my V's that I almost forgot they are electric. What should I do if water (or any liquid) ever gets into the mesh pads (piezo, foam cone, etc...). I am not so worried about the rubber pads. The module?... that's easy, just have my lead-guitar pound him with his Steinberger Guitar. But about those mesh pads?...Hmm?

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    Well in my opinion it's quite simple... DON'T GET ANY WATER NEAR YOUR MESH HEADS!!!! why would you want to anyway?


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      I understand what you mean postnuklear, but just in case it does happen what would you do? would you grab a blow dryer or just save up and buy replacement parts or even a new pad (which would be a real b***h) ? Club stages here are real small, people with beer are real close to your gear and stage set up. The only decent stage here is the one at the local Hard Rock Cafe. Thanks for the input.


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        I spilled a half glass of water on my snare. It did not go right on through it like a strainer. I just got a towel and dried it. It was no big deal. I would think the chances of getting significant water spilled on the drum are rare. If it was that bad, I'd dry it best I can and not play it for at least 24 hrs after it appeared dry. If it didn't work, well ... that's life. The hair dryer is a good idea but I would refrain from using high heat.
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          a simple short, in theory;should do little or no damage to the drum or module.if you were to spill on/into the module itself,then you could have quite a can of worms.
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            Thanks Boingo and GRRAVEE. Now I feel a little more comfortable with the idea of using them at gigs instead of just at home for practice.