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KB-60 users, rhythmstik and others

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  • KB-60 users, rhythmstik and others

    I am rehearsing with a new band tomorrow night. I intend to use a hybrid acoustic electric set. Unfortunately, my only
    amplification is a Peavey KB-60. Honestly my td-8 sounds like
    doo doo through that thing. My fear is that the other band
    members will judge the whole concept of using electronics on
    the crappy sound that I am getting out of the KB-60.

    Do you have any suggestions for getting a decent sound out
    of this thing? The kits that I will likely use are Birch, Rosewood,
    Low Fi and TR-909. Is there any trick that you have found to
    getting acceptable results with the KB-60?

    Once we start playing in clubs the V-drums will go through the house sound system and hopefully sound a little fuller.
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    If you explain your situation to them, they will probably understand. Just tell them to hold off on judging the sound of the edrums for now.
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      Can you get a Mackie 450 or a JBL G2 for 1 night from your local store, assuming you have a good relationship with them?

      Tell them you might buy but need to check it out. They probably have one in the rental fleet.

      Worse comes to worse, you may want to consider renting one.

      First day with a new band with a crappy sound from (you got to be kidding) "electrical" drums, and they may reject them, or you, out of hand. It has happened to a few folks here at the forum.

      First impressions are important. Good luck in any case!
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        Y'know that's not such a bad idea gingerbaker. For most auditions/rehearsals I wouldn't really care but I don't want to lose this one. There is a rental shop on the way there. My only concern might be dealing with gear that is unfamiliar to me but I use the KB-60 so rarely that it isn't all that familiar either. The investment might be worthwhile. Hmmmmmm....
        Check out my music: http://www.myspace.com/kellypaletta


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          For rehearsals, the KB-60 is usually fine. I guess it depends on the volume level, but I've not had to turn mine up past half-way. I run mono from the TD-6 to the hi-gain in on channel one, set the level to about half and no reverb. I usually just give it a little more bass and set the mids and highs to 0. I like the maple kicks, and I've tweaked a few kits in the module to have those. You can run a line from the pre-amp out to the mains to give it more umph out front (which is what we do, live). In the larger clubs, I just run a line from the pre-amp out to a DI box and into the clubs system. The bands sound, and the drums sound, get nothing but compliments. We're booked every freaking weekend and lately we're turning down bookings for lack of time. I don't think you really need humongous amps to get a good sound. The other guys in my band (2 guitarists and a bass player) have amps that are 60 to 15 amps and I hang with them just fine. I have to caveat this with the fact that my KB-60 is an older one, with mechanical reverb. I can't find a picture of it on the web, and it doesn't look like the newer ones much, so there may actually be some difference in the sound if yours is newer, I don't know. Anyway, hope this helps. Have fun!