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Setting up a click in the Td-10

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  • Setting up a click in the Td-10

    Ok Here's my senario...
    I use a TD10 w/ pd7's to trigger an Akai S5000 sampler.
    I use this setup to trigger loops not individual drum hits/sounds.
    What I do is, I have the sampler slave to the TD10 by changing the songs
    with the curser.
    What I'd like to do is program the click in the TD10 to change everytime I
    switch to the next song. I'd like to be able to program a sound for the click (ie..low cowbell) as well as the bpm.
    So when I change songs everything can change at once.
    Hope I was clear.
    Thanx in advance for your help.

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    Anyone care to help me out with this one?
    I'd really appreciate some feedback.


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      why don't you put the click track thorugh the sequencer and get it to go through a numbered midi chanel into the TD10, but then don't output that channel to your sound equipment. that way the audience don't hear the click. I do something sinilar using Cakewalk on my laptop which I midi in to my TD10.

      Or - Can you not get the sequencer to trigger the click track in the TD10. You may be able to setup a kit with a pattern, with the pattern being the click track triggered and agian only output to phones. I suppose this is only possible if you can select tempo on your sequency. (Iwouldn't know as I don't have one)
      TD-10/TDW-1, V-Custom, cakewalk, a set of head phones, wooden sticks.