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No @(*[email protected]#$ global settings?

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  • No @(*[email protected]#$ global settings?

    Is it me, or am I the only one annoyed with the fact that each kit can carry it's own relative volume levels for each pad? Is there a way to set pad and rim levels for all drums GLOBALLY? (ie, set them the same for ALL kits in memory?)

    My point is that I usually start with a stock kit and tweak from there to get the sounds I want. My base kits are usually "RealDeal", "Top", and "Brushes2". But Top and RealDeal have VERY different volume levels. This drives my sound guy nuts. Any ideas/experience? Did I miss this when I RTFM'd for the 12th time?

    - Hans

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    It's just you.

    Bottom line is there is no global setting for what you want. It think a result would be it would restrict the dynamic range of many sounds. They are not all equal and there's a lot of difference in what each of us expects. So next best thing to do is use what you have effectively. It sounds like you'd like a baseline setting to start tweaking your kits. My snare, toms and HH are typically in the same range, however, my cymbals, kick and misc. sounds vary widely. Pad assignment changes as well (but not often in my case - I like consistancy from kit to kit). I'm sure others differ, so no matter what you do, someone will complain.

    After a while you get an idea where the starting points should be. For example, my snare is typically a level of ~110. I balance out the pad volumes in relationship to each other. Once the pad volumes are balanced, I check the overall volume from one kit to another. At that point, I don't tweak pad volumes, I just use the Group Volume to adjust the entire kit. This really doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. Are you doing this?

    If your kits really use the same settings you could try copying just the mixer room settings from one kit to another. I don't know if you have played with the Tools/Copy/Exchange feature but you can copy just instruments, control room settings, trigger settings, etc. Snagging a groups settings in one shot might be more effective for you. You will still have to make adjustments, but it's worth exploring.

    No matter what you do, what you are looking for belongs in the wish list category.

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