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sequencer memory

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  • sequencer memory

    While attempting to record a drum chart I was stunned to see that the sequencer ran out of memory by the 24th measure. I realized that each user/pattern was limited to a small amount of memory, but when I tried appending two patterns together the sequencer still was not able to come up with enough memory to do the job. Is the sequencer really that limited, or is there a way to record full length tunes? According to the manual it is possible to go up to 99 measures. I am at a loss my friends!!!
    By the way, I have the TD-10 brain.
    Thanks for any tips...

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    Try halving the tempo and therefore recording in double-time.

    Or try deleting user patterns you no longer need, or transferring them to PC and the deleting them off the TD-10 (by far the safer option than just deleting, unless you're SURE you won't need the pattern you're deleting).

    It seems like you need to do the latter rather than the former, but the former option will help more if you have done the latter first.

    If you see what I mean...
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      Thanks...I'll try that tempo trick.
      After further analysis, I realized that using the open hi-hat really chews up memory.
      Is there a way to set the hi-hat to be less sensitive, therefore using less memory?