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V-club stand - foot frustration

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  • V-club stand - foot frustration

    I've had my V-clubs about a month. I've transported them to practices and performances about half a dozen times so far. The whole kit travels suprisingly well.

    The one beef I have is with the darn rubber feet on the V-Club stand . They come off so easily that I'm just sure I'm going to loose one.

    Has anyone taken steps to resolve this? Common sense tells me I should just take a long thin screw and drill straight through the top of the foot, down through the aluminum and into the thick rubber base of the foot.

    Common sense also tells me before I start doing "permanent" things to my kit I should bounce the idea off those with more experience to see if I'm overlooking some obvious reason NOT to do this.

    Ideas? Suggestion?
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    Size may not be important

    I suffered the same frustrations with the rubber feet slipping round during transit of my V-club rack. My solution was similar to yours, but I used shorter screws (about one inch) and only went through the top rubber and tube wall. I guess longer screws going right through the tube and back into the rubber would be sturdier. But mine have worked out fine in practice and the rubber feet have never moved since I drilled and screwed about nine months ago. Either method will solve the problem, and I can't think of any reason not to do it.



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      I haven't had any problem with the feet coming off, but they do twist around, some. The only problem I can think of with fixing them permanently is some of the risers in the places I play are not perfectly flat. I find being able to twist the feet a bit to the right or left helps to level the rack.


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        rubber foot solution

        I did't want to go drilling into the stand for mine either.

        I went to the auto parts store and got a tube of clear silicone sealant. It comes in black too I think.

        I place a couple of dabs on the tube and slid the feet one....let it dry.... no more slip
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