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V-Club Kit Stand Colour

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  • V-Club Kit Stand Colour

    I am wondering if anyone knows what colour the V-Club Kit stand Roland is now shipping. I have seen both blue and black stands for this kit (not to get confused with V-Concert Kit stands)..

    I am trying to order one over the internet and would preferably like the blue stand. Can anyone shed some light on this situation. Are the black stands from older TD-6 kits? Does anyone own a blue stand? If so when did you purchase your kit.



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    Mine is black. Didn't know there was a blue... Would have preferred a dark blue, actually...
    kit pr0n.


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      I believe the blue rack was offered when the kit first came out. It's similar to the color of the TD-6. Soon after, Roland went to the black rack. Personally, I wish they would also change the color of the TD-6 to black!
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        I bought mine a week ago from an online co. I was told the rack only comes in black. Has anyone painted their kit. how about Posting some pictures of them


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          Ohh... Pretty ugly if you ask me. I was thinking it'd be more of a midnight blue... So *that's* why the TD-6 is blue!
          kit pr0n.


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            I think Americans probably prefer to have their cymbals within reach of a normal human being sitting down, too... What's up with those being so high in that photo?!? Unless it's just to show off how long the cymbal arms are... Size matters, I guess...
            kit pr0n.


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              I think the black stand kit looks too much like a practice pad kit.. I am looking to prefrom live with it so I like the blue stand (it is kinda funky)..

              Does anyone know why it was more expensive to ship the black stand rather than the blue stand? (i.e better quality.. the blue stand is rather flimsy (but light))