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V-ride tweak and TD-6

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  • V-ride tweak and TD-6

    Hey, everybody:

    I just did the V-ride "electrical tape tweak" myself, and I just wanted to share some additional little tidbits of information for all the V-Club/TD-6 owners out there. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't say thanks to all the people that posted on this topic for giving me the nerve to try the tweak in the first place.

    My e-kit devotes a TD-6 solely to the purpose of generating cymbal sounds, and I use a CY-15R for a ride. Prior to doing the tweak, my solution to the poor bell response was to use two inputs on the TD-6--one for the bell, and one for the bow. The Bow/Bell trigger was plugged into the Ride input, and the Bow/Edge trigger was plugged into the Kick input. I assigned the Bow sound of the Ride input to "OFF", and a standard ride bell sound (PopRdB, just for the record) to the Bell trigger. The second cable leading from the Bow/Edge jack to the Kick input was a mono cable, since the Kick input on the TD-6 is mono itself. I assigned the appropriate bow sound (PopRdX, again just for the record) to the CY-15R from here.

    The whole point of doing this was to give me the ability to control the bell and bow sounds as separate triggers. And I suppose this method will work about as well as anything for all you TD-6/CY-15R owners out there that are reluctant to do the "electrical tape" tweak. However, everyone that did the tape job seemed so happy with the results that I just couldn't stand it anymore. I had to take the plunge.

    Well, the plunge was more like a step in a puddle, because it wasn't really that big of a deal. I simply followed snills's directions as posted with the exception that I applied only one piece of electrical tape over the FSR at the 6:00 position. After securing the V-ride's rubber surface again, I then plugged a single stereo cable from the Bow/Bell jack to the Ride input, and reset the Ride input to read both triggers again. Because I was curious as to how well it would work, I next reset the Ride input's trigger parameters to Roland's recommended ones for the CY-15R used in conjunction with a TD-6. For any of you that don't have this information and are interested, the settings are as follows:

    TrigTyp: CY Type
    Sensitivity: 10 (previously 14!)
    Threshold: 3
    TrigCurve: LINEAR
    Xtalk Cancel: 30 (previously 80!)
    Scan Time: 0.5
    Retrig Cancel: 3
    Mask Time: 8

    Now I know the rules about posting "magic settings" and I obviously intend to further tweak the ones above, but the improvement was substantial and immediate. I now have a much more responsive V-ride (at more "normal" settings) and the tweak also freed up an extra input for me, so I'm a happy camper.............

    Hope this helps!


    TD-30 / SPD-SX /Alesis Strike Multipad

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    Glad it worked out for you!