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Connecting to boom box

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  • Connecting to boom box

    Can anyone help me connect my boom box to my Roland V6 set so that I can drum along to music? Right now I have a boom box with an auxiliary port, but from the V6 user's manual I think I need two cables to hook into the back of the V6. Does anyone know exactly what cables are needed? I'd like to avoid buying the wrong ones and having to return them.

    Thanks from a head-scratching electronic drum newbie!

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    I'm not sure what a Roland V6 is, but you probably need a dual RCA to 1/4 inch. Which is two RCA jacks on one end and a 1/4 inch jack on the other.

    What is a Roland V6?

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      I'll assume you're talking about a TD-6. You can get mini-jack to mini-jack cable at Radio Shack. I use one to run my CD player through the TD-6.


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        Sorry - I did indeed mean the TD-6. Thanks for your help.


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          Keep in mind that this is just for pumping the drum set through the box by itself; no modern boom box that I know of allows you to mix the set with a CD or a tape. You'll need a mixer for that.


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            If you want to play along with your boom box then just plug it into your "Mix In" port. This is assuming that the TD-6 has one.

            This way you can listen to whatever you want on your boom box (CD, radio, tape) and your drums at the same time.

            Hope this helps.



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              I didn't realize that the TD-6 had mini jacks.

              I believe you could just run a cable from the headphone out on your boom box into the "mix in" port on the TD-6.
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                yup,one stereo cable from headphone out to your mix in jack............viola!you are now in the band.
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