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TMC-6 with TD-6??

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  • TMC-6 with TD-6??

    I'm a MIDI idiot, thinking of buying Hart Pro pads with the TD-6 brain. I'd like some little bells and whistles percussion-wise in addition to the basic kit, and plus I'm a cymbal junkie (2 crashes at least, a china, and a splash, etc, plus I'll be using the Hart ride which gobbles two inputs), so I think I'd like a TMC-6 as well.

    Question: is the TMC-6 as easy to use with a TD-6 as it is with a TD-8? I tried the search engine, but I didn't find any thread that clearly answered this question. Has the TD-6 been "dumbed down" in any way so that it's hard to use with the TMC-6? You can probably guess what I want to do: each "drum kit" can have six NEW sounds (for a grand total of six MORE than it had before the TMC-6 was connected), and I can customize those for different kits: ie I can program kit 1 to have a timbale on my left and a conga on my right, in addition to the regular toms and stuff. I can program kit 2 to have a cowbell on my left and a woodblock on my right. When I change the "drum kit" on the TD-6 the sounds of the percussion pads connected to the TMC-6 change too.

    Is that how it works??

    If the TD-8 is substantially better in this department than the TD-6 then I will get the -8, as it is not that much more expensive considering its superior UI.

    Thanks all,
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