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Anyone seen this DW double bass pedal?

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  • Anyone seen this DW double bass pedal?

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    Looks like their "bottom of the line" double-bass pedal, but it is chain-drive, and looks no worse than the 7000 series single pedal I am currently using.. Anyone seen or heard about this? The 4000 series looks new to me, it's not even listed on DW's website.. I am looking to upgrade to a double-bass pedal somewhat cheap, and this looks pretty decent... Any comments?
    kit pr0n.

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    From what I've read over at the DCI forum, it's my understanding that the DW 4000-series pedals are based on the Pacific design. Basically, it looks like they've taken a Pacific double pedal and outfitted it with DW footboards. It's also my understanding that the 4000 line is available only at select dealers. If you can find a place in your area that carries Pacific hardware, you can probably get a good indication of how the 4002 will handle.
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      Never played pacific pedals... Are they as crappy as the price suggests? The DW 5002AD seems to be an accelerator pedal, so I'm guessing the Pacific clone pictured would be a little bit slower... What else should I be looking at?

      Don't know any places that carry Pacific around here, unfortunately.
      kit pr0n.


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        Yeah I was looking at the two sites and comparing, and they actually look quite different... The beaters look different for sure (not a big deal) and it looks like the DW has better floorboards.

        I might just jump on this DW 4002... Does an "accelerator" pedal really make much of a difference? I didn't see anything about an accelerator on that high-end Premier pedal.
        kit pr0n.


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          Yeah those Axis jobs look *sick* but they're way outta my price range at this point. I think I'll give the DW 4002 a shot until I develop enough double-bass technique to make $500+ seem like a reasonable amount for a coupla pedals.
          kit pr0n.


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            There's a 6002 as well;
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              Hmm.. 6002 Must not be (easily) available in the U.S.

              Just ordered the 4002, a Pintech CKV mesh kick, and a Roland EV-5 pedal for $385 or so total. I guess my KD7 will fetch $100+, and my Roland 7000PX might get $60 or $70.. Not too bad.

              I'll report my results on the 4002 for anyone else in the market for a lower-end double pedal. All I can compare it to is the 5002, Iron Cobra, and one of the Pearl eliminators I tried out at Sam Ash, though...
              kit pr0n.


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                never......i repeat....NEVER......buy a single chain double pedal...it will not last.unless you like that slack/lag feel.
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                  i looked at that pacific double pedal, then decided to save up a bit more and buy a 7000 dw pedal. I'd recomend that route, or even try to get a used 5000 or a new 5000. Just depends on how much money you can save up.
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                    Hmm, I have a DW 7000 single, just wondering what's better about the 7000 double over the 4002 double... Guess I'll find out tomorrow since UPS claims my zzounds order is showing up tomorrow.
                    kit pr0n.


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                      Quite honestly, I am not too impressed with my DW pedal. I have a 5000 double pedal - single chain version... It is not very tight...and the bearings are sloppy...
                      I am most likely going to sell it and go with Axis or Tama.. I have always liked the feel of Iron Cobra pedals.

                      On the subject of Axis - anyone tried the long boards? What is the difference between long boards and standards as far as feel and playability?