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Trigger problems?

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  • Trigger problems?

    First off, I am new to this website and I'm glad I found it. I've had my V-Drums for over a year now and I have to admit that I haven't spent nearly enough time playing with the TD10 to know all of it's bells and whisles.

    I am having a problem and Roland wasn't able to help me out, so I'm hoping I can get help here.

    I've noticed that both my snare and kick (KD120) don't always respond. Sometimes I'll be playing and my snare will cut out and miss some hits. On my kick, it occasionally does the same thing as the snare, but very often if I hit a cymbal or cymbals and the kick at the same time, the kick will not respond. I can't consistently recreate this problem so I am having a hard time finding a solution.

    I have messed around with the settings for both pads, but I still cannot find a setting to keep this from happening.
    Could anyone give me some suggestions on how to solve this or tips on how you have your
    pads set up?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Try lowering the crosstalk rejection, or lower the retrigger time, or lower the threshold, or raise it. Don't touch any of the pads or foot pedals while powering up the system.
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      Hello WholeHogLD,

      Do these pads only miss-trigger when you are playing a fast groove or fill across the kit, or even if you are just doing slow single strokes on each pad?

      Obviously you've tried every combination of RE-TRIGGER CANCEL, MASK TIME and CROSSTALK trigger settings haven't you?

      Another thing to try would be to swap the two leads for the triggers between the two pads you are having trouble with, with two that are working fine. Then see if the two pads you swapped the leads with inheret the problem.

      Finally you could try re-initialising your TD-10 to see if that fixes the problem (be sure to write down or back-up your old settings though).

      The only other thing I could think of is a maximum polyphony problem, but I doubt that very much.


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        I have the same problem with de expanded TD-10 while I'm using an triggered acoustic kick and the pd-120 roland.
        When I hit them at exactly the same time the kick doesn't sound.
        I think this has something to do with way you select the mount-option. This is meant to select some sort of crosstalk-elimination.

        Probably when you select seperate for kick and snare the problem will be solved I think.
        But I haven't been able to check it out because it because my set is still in the truck.

        Again I don't know if this is the prob but it does make some sense doesn't it?

        Grtz. Phze.


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          Thanks all for your help. I'll keep experimenting using your ideas to see if I can resolve this.

          Anyone else having this problem?


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            I was told by a Roland Rep when I was drum dept manager for Guitar Center, when you power the brain on. Make sure not to hit any pads or engage the hi hat controller in any way. During this brief moment the pads are being initialized.

            He went on to tell me that if you hit the pads during this power up. You could get mis triggering as you described.



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              Originally posted by WholeHogLD
              Thanks all for your help. I'll keep experimenting using your ideas to see if I can resolve this.

              Anyone else having this problem?
              Yes i have a similar problem. The snare drum fails to trigger some times. I thought it seemed to happen most when the brain was getting too hot. For example in the second set and everyone was on the dance floor. I have started to encounter some cymbal pad problems now and so I am going to be taking some things apart. If you have found a solution to the triggering drop outs please let me know.


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                You could try tightening the heads or check the foam cone underneath the head to make sure it isnt starting to decay. Both will affect triggering. Simple, but a lot of times very effective solutions to mis-triggering problems.
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