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How much room for expansion?

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  • How much room for expansion?

    It seems like just yesterday that I was jammin' on my TD-6, thinking it'd have enough inputs and features to satisfy me... Now, after upgrading to a TD-10exp and adding on some pads, every input on my TD-10 is full. That's not to say that every trigger is being used, though, because I have some PD-6 single-trigger pads connected to my toms, etc.

    So I'm wondering how many more inputs I can get on my set given the pads I have... I know on the TD-6, there is a special dual mono input that can accept two single-trigger pads... I believe this is not the case on the TD-10... Anyway, here's my current config:

    Kick: KD-7
    HH Ctrl: FD-6
    HH: CY-12H (head and rim)
    Snare: PD-120 (head and rim)
    Tom1: PD-6
    Tom2: PD-6
    Tom3: PD-6
    Tom4: PD-6
    Crash1: CY-6 (head and rim)
    Crash2: CY-6 (head and rim)
    Ride: CY-15R (head and rim)
    Aux1: CY-15R (bell)
    Aux2: PD-6

    So, it seems to me that there are 4 unused inputs on the toms, but I don't know of any way of getting to those without upgrading pads to the PD-7 or PD-9... Is there some kind of cable I can use to plug that 2nd input to another single-trigger pad? Also, the CY-15R uses two stereo inputs for 3 sounds (ride, bow, bell)... Seems like I'm being cheated out of an input somewhere... Any way to make use of that?

    I guess my question boils down to how much room do I have to expand this thing given my current setup? Do I have to start swapping out the PD-6's, or can I get more pads on there with what I have?
    kit pr0n.

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    Yeah, I was kinda wondering how many more pads I can squeeze into it before I need to go the TMC-6 or SPD-20 route...
    kit pr0n.


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      Take a look at the MIDI KITI, or even look for an old Simmons TMI for expansion. Heck, you could probably get a D4 for cheaper than the TMC-6
      Gabe Kangas
      DM5, D4, PD80R, CY-15, CY-6, Visu-lite Ride, DauZ's, Random Pintech stuff, BBE 362.



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        I haven't tried this myself, but you might be able to "Y" in a few more pads. If you use a Y cable and go to a cymbal pad and one of the toms you might be able to set the edge of the cymbal pad to a crash sound, and the head of the tom pad to a tom sound. So, when you hit the bell of the cymbal pad you get a tom sound and when you hit the rim of the tom (if its a dual trigger tom) you will get a cymbal sound. Visa versa, you get a cymbal sound when you hit the edge of the cymbal and a tom sound when you hit the head of the tom. Like I said this is only theory, and I have never done it myself. I have just heard of people dong it that way. It makes sense on "paper". If I were you I would get a Y cable and try it before you go out and buy new pads and cables.


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          Hmm. Looks like the MIDI Kiti can be had for $199, about the same price as a TMC-6, but it seems to have a lot more features. Not bad...
          kit pr0n.


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            What kind of features does a midi to trigger interface have/need?


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              Well it should be easy to change what midi notes are sent out and how they're modulated, how velocities are changed... Kits should be easy to switch between...

              this gives an idea what features the MIDI Kiti has... Plus it has 9 trigger inputs, as opposed to the TMC-6's six... No brainer since the MIDI Kiti is cheaper...
              kit pr0n.


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                Wow, that is a no brainer. I have been thinking about getting a midi kiti.


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                  Here is the advantage of the TMC to the MIDI kit. The ability to eliminate crosstalk. I had been using and SPD-11 for extra pads but am getting rid of it and one of the major reason is the crosstalk. (size is another) The abiltity to use another PD-120's rim trigger is also pulling me towards the TMC. I use a tom on the High Hat side and have a new tune where it is a snare instead of a tom and the rim shot sound would add a ton to the song dynamic. As you start adding more pads crosstalk become a major major issue. Just my 2 cents.
                  Ted H.