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Need advice on kick pads

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  • Need advice on kick pads

    Well after several upgrades, my V-Club set is no longer looking like a V-Club set (except for the rack and the PD6 toms!) I think my last customization (at least the last one I really *need*) is going to be a kick pad. The KD-7 is fine for simple stuff, but I can't get any kind of speed on the bass drum, even with my "ghetto" method of hanging my KD-7 up vertically with some plywood.

    So I'm in the market for a kick pad. The KD-80 and KD-120 are probably out of my price range unless they're miles above the Pintech CKV. I understand Hart also has a kick pad offering, but it's also pretty expensive... Any others out there I haven't seen yet?

    I guess I'm wondering if there are other kick pads out there besides the one I've mentioned, and if not, if the CKV is a respectable kick (i.e. more realistic than a KD-7.) I know a lot of people actually like the way the KD-7 plays, and don't like the "bounciness" of the kick pads... But the KD-7 just isn't doing it for me, and I need options.
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    The only other kick pad options I'm aware of consist of a rubber playing surface rather than a mesh or real drum head. Drum Tech (www.drumtech.com) makes a vertical kick pad that can accommodate either a single or double pedal. I've not played one so I can't comment on how it compares to the KD-7 or the other options you're considering. You could also investigate some of the older vertical kick pads made by Simmons and KAT. They don't feel like a real bass drum but they may feel more natural than using an inverted beater trigger.
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      Hmm... Anyone played the Drum Tech kick pad? Sounds interesting... I'm not a big fan of the inverted beater feel, which is why my KD-7 is vertically mounted with standard beater... This kick pad might be a happy medium...

      Anyone used it on a TD-10?
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