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Hampton tribute Vkit

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  • Hampton tribute Vkit

    Kit name is EminDmaj.
    Set all pads to "xylophone", with the following pitch settings:

    drum pads: -79(E), -50(G), -30(A), -10(B), 20(D)
    cymbal pads: -99(D), -79(E), -60(F#), -29(A), -10(B)

    the drum pads are now arranged in E minor pentatonic
    the cymbal pads are now arrranged in D major pentatonic.

    on my version of this kit, I set the B pad from the D maj set to
    -20(Bb) for a little variation, using the B pad from the E min set to complete the pentatonic when desired.

    Play around with it, and you'll see the just about anything you
    do with this kit will sound good, since it's arranged pentatonically, it's hard to go wrong.

    Oh, and here's a link to a list of pentatonic scales so you can create your own setups:

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    Hope you enjoy

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    Oh, one last thing, my tunings may be off slightly, so you may want to check them on your own. I got as close to the notes as I was able using the built-in tuner from my digital 4 track.
    If you'll note, I have 2 seperate values listed for A, so...


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      Wow im happy people are hip to hamp. I get tired hearing 'bout rock sludge.


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        Originally posted by cpgrossman
        Wow im happy people are hip to hamp. I get tired hearing 'bout rock sludge.
        Hear Hear. It's ironic that rock music, supposedly the soundtrack to rebellion, is actually the very height of banal conformity.

        Lionel forever. And thanks for those settings Amir. I'll be adding those to the great V-Research notebook.



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          First szvook comes back and now DJourg!

          V-drums.com is calling its people home, brothers!!

          Am I mistaken in my assessment that it's been awhile since your last post, sir? If it has been, then welcome back.......
          TD-30 / SPD-SX /Alesis Strike Multipad


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            DJorg has been around you jest been sleeping


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              I chirp in now and then. Thanks for the welcome regardless, Mr. Wade.