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KAT minikick

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  • KAT minikick

    Has anyone had any experience with the KAT minikick? I'd like to try using an inverted beater trigger in order to conserve space in my set-up but I've read several comments on his site about the KD-7 failing over time. I was wondering if KAT's minikick would be a better (more dependable) option?

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    I always thought these seemed like a great idea, never used one. Looks durable and it's big enough for double bass (like a longer Drumeo QuietKick w/ trigger) - I think Pintech make something similar now, concept-wise. Interestingly, Pintech's main kick is the same concept as KAT's, the KT-KP1 (based on the Roland KD-7).
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      Tha KAT looks just like the KT-7

      I use a variety of different solutions in different situations. I use a KD-7 and have never had any problems with it.

      Kick Triggers, after all, are just a simple Piezo wired to a 1/4" Jack.

      I also use beaterless Triggera Kriggs at home to reduce neighbor noise.

      Triggera Krigg • kick pedal trigger, beaterless bass pedal, trigger pedal midi

      Also good to have in the bag as a backup in case you have a Kick Trigger fail.

      The Roland KT-9 and KT-10 also provide alternative mechanisms.