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Mounting a CY-12H

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  • Mounting a CY-12H

    Hi All,

    I'm hoping some of you could help answer a query I have. Do you think it is possible to mount a CY-12H on the pushrod of a standard HH stand? I've seen on pictures that they come with a wingnut tightener at the bottom, and seem to mount on to a pole that looks about the same thickness as the pushrod the standard top cymbal holder mounts, but haven't seen one in the flesh yet to get a real idea of whether it can be done.

    I'm really wanting to build up a electronic kit reusing as much of my hardware as possible, and if (perhaps with a little persuasion i.e. drill bit/other mod) it can be done i'd be very interested. Anyone else tried the same thing? Or could look to see how hard they think it would be?

    Thanks for your time,
    Happy tub-thumping,

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    I've been wondering the same thing about the CY-12H.

    I don't yet have any pads for cymbals or hi-hat. I've been creating my own kit one pad at a time as I find the money; so far I have a KD-7, PD-120 for the snare, a PD-100 for a high tom and PD-100 as a floor tom. I don't have rack, instead trying to reuse my acoustic hardware. So all of my pads are sitting in snare stands, and it actually works quite well. No worries about crosstalk since everything's isolated. For now I use real hihats and cymbals.

    But, now that I want to use an electronic hi-hat pedal and hi-hat pad, I really wish Roland made an "e-hihat-stand". I envision the pedal would go on the floor and somehow attached to a short vertical bar, and at the top of the bar you would mount your hi-hat pad. The cord for the hi-hat pad could travel back down inside the bar to reduce cable clutter, and you've have two cables coming out near the pedal at the bottom, going to the TD-10.

    Then it would look like a regular hi-hat setup. You could then move the whole thing as a unit if you wanted to, instead of separately moving a pedal and then adjusting the pad which is mounted on a rack.

    Just wishing... Maybe I should build my own one day.
    TD-10 (not expanded), PD-120, 2xPD-100, KD-7, snare stand, double-tom stand.


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      - is the pedal actually attached to the stand?
      - how did you attach the pad to the top of the stand?
      TD-10 (not expanded), PD-120, 2xPD-100, KD-7, snare stand, double-tom stand.


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        That's almost the exact setup I'm using, except I'm using a cy12 c/r on the top of the stand instead of the cy12h, I like the feel much better. I'm using dual tom stands for my toms, and cymbal boom arms attached to the tom stands for the rest of the cymbals. I got rid of my roland rack altogether because I felt it was too limiting when it came to placement.. I really like the way it feels and looks now, and it's actually easier to move!


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          This is a photo of my kit in the early stages of development , you can see nothing is plugged in, and I haven't put the cy12 cr or the pd-120 on yet.. I don't have a more recent shot yet.
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            BTW, how did you get the picture to embed in the body of your post? Paste it? Was mine too big? let's see if I can do that again..
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              ahhh gotcha, thanks


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                hi great idea

                That's a great idea.
                It would make the kit break down smaller thats for sure.
                I would love to ditch the rack also.
                How are you going to make the leads not look too messy?
                I am guessing a multicore is the only way.
                Has anyone any pics of the same kit senario with leads hooked up.
                I would be interested to see one hooked up before I decide to get rid of the rack.
                NOW with New Improved TD-30 Module, some V drums an other music making thingies with miscellaneous small furry animals, large hairy animals, motorcycle bits and a big muff:rolleyes:.


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                  The wires are the only bane of this kind of setup, I have played with a bunch of different things and not yet come up with an elegant solution.. but I refuse to give up!


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                    Hello everyone, I'm sorry to resurrect an old thread, but it just happens that I recently purchased a CY-12H believing that it was compatible with a regular hi-hat stand. To my horror, it turns out that I need a pedal controller to make it work, and the attachment wingnut was intended for a rack clamp and not a stand rod.
                    But... I thought to myself that I was ready for another nice modding project.

                    At first, I just removed the top cap, which is merely cosmetic, and thought about drilling a hole from the top and down, but something told me that it might not be a good idea, so decided to open it up and look inside. I'm glad I did. If I had drilled the hole from the top of the cymbal and down to the clamp, I would have destroyed the main piezo, which is in the middle of the metal piece that holds the rubber together.

                    So this is the step by step:

                    1. Disassembled the cymbal, gently remove the retaining rods with a screwdriver, and remove the rubber part. Carefully, since the piezo is attached to the top, underneath the rubber. Don't separate it completely, or you'll rip the piezo cable off.
                    2. Carefully remove the piezo by slowly prying it out with a screwdriver, taking care not to bend it or crack the ceramic. Pull out the old glue. Adhere a new dual side disk or a piece of double-sided tape.
                    3. Drill a hole through the top of the cymbal large enough for the hi-hat stand rod to pass through
                    4. There is a metal piece on the bottom part of the cymbal where a cable for the piezo runs through. Move the cable a bit to the side, and mark the center with a Sharpie
                    5. Drill another hole in the center of this metal plate
                    6. Reattach the piezo a little bit to the side of the cymbal, but close to the center (for maximum triggering)
                    7. Reassemble

                    Now you can use your CY-12H on a regular hi-hat stand. Is pretty heavy, so you might need a sturdy stand, but it works.

                    Hope it helps someone around here.
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