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  • Tda-700

    As no-one has asked for a little while - has anyone seen a TDA-700 amp yet - or a review of it? I thought it was to be released this month..................


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    Yes, actually they have one on the floor at Mars Music here in Houston. I did'nt get to play it though ! I was'nt very impressed with the looks or the size. Maybe I'll get down there and try it out tomorrow night, I'd do it tonight but I'm doing a gig. Anyways...I'd hate to be the one to have to haul that beast around with me.


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      Its even bigger than a Mackie 1530 (which is a beastie). You may find a Mackie SRM450 and a subwoofer doen't cost much more. OK you don't get a mixer input but worth a look - easier to carry too.

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        hey mick

        Great game and Result yesterday(GAA Football) was close,

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          tda-700 ROCKS BALLS!!

          This amp is absolutely GREAT! I bought it for $899 over at bpmmusic.com. It's loud as hell, I just used it for a loud show last night and it worked better than I expected it to. If anyone is pondering buying this amp, do it! You won't be dissapointed!!


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            I actaully did a side by side comparison with the mackie and jbl g2 a few days ago. First of all, i am not an audio expert, soI have to admit that i was impressed with the tda's sound - its really good. I think that i probably liked it slightly better than the jbl and mackie. It just had a nice warm feel to it. however, i didnt like it 250$ more, and decided on buying the jbl. Its more versatile anyways, making it more useful to me.


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              I just bought this amp. I was using the kc-500 amp. There is no comparison, the tda-700 sounds 100% better.

              I wish I would have checked this site before though...I am seeing you guys talking about makie amps and now I am wondering if I made the best choice?


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                TDA700 strange sounds

                HELP ANYONE....

                I just bought a TDA700 amp for $600 bucks (used).

                It makes a low high pitch hum... I can make it disapear by adjusting treble.

                isn't there not suppose to have any noise unless you play something.

                I have it connected to a TD-10EXP.

                Any feedback would help me lot.

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                  Could be a grounding problem, either flip your ground switch on the back of the amp or try a ground lift adapter on your plug. Hope that helps