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Motherlode question for Midi-experts!

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  • Motherlode question for Midi-experts!

    I want to be able to assign some of my Vdrum pads (Vcustom/TD-8) to play (trigger) different sounds than those available on the TD-8. For instance, pad #1 would play a bass guitar line that is composed of 6 different notes that get played a s a "tap" pattern. When the sixth note is hit, the whole pattern would repeat again and again every 6 hits. Pad #2 might have a similar set-up, but the tap pattern might be sound like orchestral string section playing different chords each time. Pad #3 would trigger a 2 measure sample that would be extracted of of an exsisting music CD (a la Beck) They would play once for every hit. Anyway, you get the idea. It is VERY IMPORTANT to me that the click/tempo on the TD-8 is also setting the playback tempo for the sample on pad #3. I'm considering purchasing an SPD 20 to trigger all these sounds so I wont take up much of my VCustom kit. Do I need a computer based music program (MOTU stuff) or a sequencer/ sampler rig like an AKAI MPC 2000? I really dont know where to begin this whole process.

    Again, my knowledge base is very introductory about Midi, sequencing, sample etc. If you are familiar with Tony Verderosa's VFX stuff, thats sort of what I'm after , just not so dance/club oriented.