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Zendrum w/TD-10

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  • Zendrum w/TD-10

    Is there any Zendrum user here?

    I bought a Zendrum a few months ago and I would like to know how do you map the triggers (which notes) and any particular tip on how to play it.

    I found that since it's a midi trigger you can't avoid the machine gun sound if you want to play a, for example, snare roll... or am I doing something wrong?


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    well done on your purchase... What colour do you have - I got a custom one from David and Kim (Figured maple front and back with Zebrawood centre) last year.

    Still saving for a sampler at the moment (hanging onto my job at the moment.......)

    As for settings, its very easy to change settings in the Zendrum.
    Setup 15 is General Midi and 16 is General Midi with more percussion sounds on the "back 8" triggers. You have a manual - there is one that can be downloaded from www.zendrum.com

    Just start small,as a suggestion I reversed the order of the 4 toms so the bottom pads on my setup run from f-r
    Tom 4/Tom 3 /Tom 2/Tom1/Snare/Bassdrum/Ride bell/Perc
    so I could spread out more across the Zendrum rather than cramped up at the top. need a numbering system to let you know what is where but its still changing at the moment.

    Start small and have fun......
    Email me at [email protected] and I'll send you advice from David if you want to use the 4 way crossfade setup # 14.

    Good luck
    www.royfulton.co.uk, www.zendrum.com ,Tempus Drums, Istanbul Agop, Regal Tip, Alesis DMPro, D4,Garageband, HK Powerworks PA


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      Thanks Mick!
      No problem on changing setting but you gave me just what I wanted: tips on how to set up the triggers. I'll try your suggestion on toms, etc. I too ended up playing mostly at the top of it and it was difficult to move to toms.

      I'm also saving for a sampler, I hope they were cheaper. On the meanwhile I'm trying with Halion but still have some latency problems with my config (PC, sound card, etc.)

      Crossfade is great but I think I need to remap note numbers on the TD-10 if I want to put together three or four HH sounds, from close to open. Because note numbers must be in groups of four.

      I'll send you an e-mail anyhow.


      p.s. mine is yellow for two reasons. First I was short on money and any saving was great (200 bucks difference). And second I'm from the eighties... !!


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        This picture will help identify the pads. In your case Toms 1 to 4 corresponds to pads #9 to 6.
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          Glad to see some other Zendrum users here! I used to use an Alesis DM-5 with my Z, but have since picked up a TD-8. I haven't done a lot of work with the Z since switching to the TD-8, because shortly after I bought it I also got a Pintech Tour Elite to go with it, and have been spending more time on that.

          To answer the question about snare rolls, what I do is map two triggers to the snare and play each of the pads with two fingers (index and middle). This won't give you a buzz roll, but with a little practice you can make it sound like a good open double-stroke roll. Add some accents and you'll find that you can snap off some pretty good 5, 7, and 9-stroke rolls with this technique.