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Quesitons Re: MIDI Parameters and my TD-5

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  • Quesitons Re: MIDI Parameters and my TD-5

    Hi folks. Two quick questions regarding certain MIDI parameters.

    When reading the manual for my TMC-6, I was reading about the "aftertouch" parameter. I believe this was in conjunction with the "Using the TMC-6 with a GS/GM Sound Module" section. Would this be the same thing as sustain? In other words, if I triggered a sound from a sound module, say, a piano sound, with aftertouch parameters, would that translate to a sustained piano sound?

    This next question really doesn't have to do with MIDI. This has to do with my TD-5. I'm having trouble re-initializing it. I had edited a bunch of Patches on it, and wanted to re-start everything and start fresh. I can't seem to do it. I've read the manual repeatedly, and followed its direction, and have yet to succeed. Any sugestions? Thanks.