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SPD6 Triggering TD10

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  • SPD6 Triggering TD10

    ok let me get this right

    i use a spd6 to trigger sounds via midi in the TD10. The pads on the spd6 have predefined trigger settings, the top left pad triggers the 4th tom (set as a cowbell)etc. however now i want to have a actual 4th tom and second input of the cy15 for what it was intended. this means that the pad on the spd6 now triggers the tom i want to adjust the pad to trigger the sound of the say, rim of the 1st tom as i don't use that trigger, i want to change all the pads on the spd6 to use the triggers on the td10 that i don't use. Has anyone else tried to do this or is it possible, this is my first attempt at midi. I hav'nt seen 2 many posts on the spd6.

    I can change the midi note the spd6 sends to the td10 however i cannot seem to get the pad to change to a different trigger.

    When i get it all set up again i can give a more accurate idea of what triggers what, could also provide a copy of the manual (provided i am not in breach of Roland Copyright).

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    TD20 BK/ TD10/Exp, TD8, Spd20, Spd6, VCymbals etc.