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Mackie HR824's as drum monitors?

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  • Mackie HR824's as drum monitors?

    Hey guys, as I make plans for my possible TD4 purchase I was wondering about amplification. I have a pair of Mackie HR824 powered studio reference monitors and was thinking of using these, when not using a good pair of Sony studio headphones. Does anyone see any inherent problems with using this set up? I'm assuming the Mackie's wont have the bass punch of a subwoofer but I wouldnt be cranking it up loud anyway...this application would strictly be for monitoring in a low volume level in my home when I dont want to use the headphones. Could I expect a nice crisp and balanced sound with good stereo separation from this set up or am i heading for trouble overloading these speakers somehow? Any thoughts? Anyone else run their system through anything similar? Any connectivity problems going to two separate speakers directly from the module? Thanks!

    Heres the mackies that would be used:

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    Im using M Audio Bxa8 monitors with my TD9. I believe the Mackies would be on par or better than these. Mine sound fantastic and I have no issues with bass response or stereo separation. I have mine on stands that position the woofer at about head height when Im sitting at the kit. They are about 6-7 feet away from my seating position. I have a sound proofed basement room so I can crank the volume up quite a bit and I can say that it sounds far better out of the monitors than thru my Grado headphones.

    I run the stereo cabling out of the module into a Yamaha mixer then to the monitors. The output from the TD9 is very low and needs a mixer to boost the signal to the monitors. I say go for it.