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Best 2nd hand mesh pads

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  • Best 2nd hand mesh pads

    I have upgrade my old td7 to a td8 module now id like to replace some of the rubber pads starting with the snare. Ive looked on ebay but there are so many different models. I saw a PD_80r which looked like good value but id like to go for a 12" pad for the snare...
    All suggestions great appreciated!

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    IMO, 8" is a tad too small for snare (and floor tom). If you want a 12" Roland mesh pad, your only options are PD-120 (discontinued) and PD-125. Do a google search on this forum to find out the difference. From what I read, PD-125 has better rim trigger.

    By the way, how do you find the upgrade, from TD-7 to TD-8, in terms of features and sound? I'm very interested in hearing your comments.
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      Td7 / Td8

      still waiting on the TD8. I'm on Australia so it takes a week to get it out here. Will let you know once it arrives. I went for the TD8 for the faders and it sounds nice and easy to use. That suits me after wrestling with the TD7 interface for the past 5 years!

      Maybe a 10" is a good compromise for the snare pad?


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        PD-125 (white) is going for A$487 at Allan's Music online. PD-105 is A$649. (Yes, you read me right.) I don't know how they do the math, but to me it's really good price for PD-125. And these pads are so bloody heavy it is not that feasible to get them from the States.

        Looking forward to your TD-7 vs TD-8 review.
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          PD-80rs function real well, but having an 8 snare is a pain. However it does have it up sides. After using one for 2 years if you look at the wear marks on the head of my acoustic snare it is all contend in 8 circle. :-)
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            Hi maxnoomax,

            Why buy second-hand, check out Jobeky Drums at:

            Superb build quality and real value for money, I know Colin at Jobeky drums will despatch overseas, well worth dropping him an email and letting him know what your after.

            Hope this helps, all the best



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              Hey, thanks guys. Love this forum! Chad i had a quick look at your site & I'll be going back to check out your setup. looks like you have it pretty well sorted.
              gteps, the Jobeky drums look really nice abd the 10" black snare looks to be great value. How do they compare to the Roland mesh pads for sensitivity / playability? also reliability seeing as I'm on the other side of the world i'd hate to need to send one back to the factory.



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                TD8 arrived!

                Hi got the TD8 this week. I've only had play with of couple of pads on the bed through headphones but I'm impressed already. It's just so much easier to use than the TD7 and it sounds great so far although I'll need to hear it through our band PA to really test that out.


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                  Heh heh, of *course* it's easier to use than a TD-7. Running a reactor console at a nuclear power plant is easier to do than learning the TD-7.

                  As a former TD-7 user, yeah, I'd like your reactions to the sound quality improvement on the TD-8. It remains probably the best combo of sound and plug-and-play features of any of Roland's modules (dunno about the 4 and 9, still haven't had a chance to play with those).

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                    i picked up a Hart Dynamics Magnum 10" dual zone snare for $80 including shipping. it works fantastically.


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                      Do you have any idea how much TD-7 goes for?
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                        hey, are you after a TD7? I'll be selling mine if your interested.


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                          Yeah, I'm toying with the idea to get a TD-7 to add more trigger inputs for my TD-10exp. It'll pretty much depend on how much it'll cost me.

                          How much do you want for your TD-7?

                          p.s. Btw, I'm in Australia. I haven't bought/sold anything here. But I bought numerous things from the States on ebay.
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                            Hi sciomako, i haven't much idea of price for the TD7. Maybe grog or someone would have an idea of what it's worth? Where in OZ are you? I'm in Queensland but i'll be in Sydney ina few weeks if your down there.


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                              Ah, I thought you were in the States.
                              I'm in Melbourne.
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