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Need better cymbals-Please help.

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  • Need better cymbals-Please help.

    I recently bought the OSP dd 502 (don't burn me on it, I know exactly how "good/bad" it is) and I'm pretty pleased, with the exception of the cymbals. They drop hits and have a horrible "zone" which picks up really loud in a certain place and everywhere else is nearly inadible.

    Anyways, I have three questions:
    Do all electronic cymbals work with this module? [as in, if I bought a yamaha cymbal, would the connection be the same, and would it be conpatible with the dd 502 head?]
    Secondly, (though I am next to sure the answer is no) would a two/three zone cymbal work as such? Or would I just be wasting money to have the extra zones?
    Finally, which single zone cymbal would you recomend that a) won't drop hits b) does not have any weird "sweet spots", and c) is under $60?

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    alesis cymbals(rubber ones),to put roland or yamaha cymbals on that kit is a waste of time and your money.
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      Ah, I have experienced with DD505 and eventually "upgraded" to a TD-10 with all Roland pads. At one stage, I crossovered the modules and pads to see how they worked out. My experience may be relevant to you.

      - My DD505's cymbal doesn't drop hits but has "horrible zone" as you mentioned. Interestingly, the same cymbals works much better on TD-10. Similarly, DD505's tom/snare pads also work nicer on TD-10. The TD-10 can pick up extreme light hits that the DD505 brain can't. So, the module actually makes the difference. I would say, in general, whether you'll get the hotspot or not depends on the pad/module combination, not just the pad.

      - I've tried plugging the PD-125 snare (which is dual trigger) into the D505 brain with a mono cable. Obviously you won't be able to get the rim sound. But what's bad is DD505 gave extremely low volume regardless how I tweaked the settings. So, I concluded not all the pads/cymbals can work with DD505.

      I have to say, I could've lived with TD-10 brain with DD505 pads/cymbals but not the other way round. As Pluto said, it's a waste of time to get expensive pads to work on this module.

      Hope this helps.
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        One more thought: how about get a used TD-3 or TD-6 (or TD-5 or TD-7) for your kit but keep everything else?

        Well, i didn't go down this path myself because it seems to me it's more economical in long run to replace the whole kit...
        My compact kit.