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TD9s or TDsx? Australia

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  • TD9s or TDsx? Australia

    Hi, quick post as I'm about to go to work...

    I have the money for both TD9s and sx (K and KX in australia).

    The difference in price is aobut $1100-$1300 here.

    This is my first ever drum kit so I will be using it to learn on, but I am wondering weather it is worth my money to get the upgraded kit (it doesn't come with the double kick btw does it?) or should I learn on the cheaper TD9S and upgrade the toms and snare (looking at maybe $1400ish to do that) later on if I am still keen for it?

    Thanks guys.

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    Hi vOlition and welcome too,

    I suggest you go into one of the major drum shops (e.g. Billy Hyde) and have a play on both - see if you have any major likes or dislikes.

    There have been many discussions on the forum on the pros and cons of mesh heads over rubber pads and the general trend is to end up with mesh. I have gone that way also but I can't say that I have anything against the rubber pads.

    If you have the money for mesh now then it's probably best to go for them - there are plenty of other upgrades you will be able to spend your $s on.....


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      None of the Roland kits comes with the kick pedal. But the shop will do a package for you.

      Mesh heads for toms are nice to have but, IMHO, not that critical. On the other hand, PD-105 is definitely much nicer to play with as a snare than a PDX-8 and CY-12RC will work much better as a ride too.

      I think the actual price differences are much lower than what you quoted. (I have some figures in my head. But I don't want to misquote and mislead you.) Don't trust the listed retail prices, even when they appear discounted. The listed prices are just there to get customers to anchor on. Well-established customer psychology. Music stores have huge margins on their items. You always have to talk to them to ask for a deal. Even when they quote you a seemingly good discounted price (see, you're anchoring onto the original RRP as benchmark), you always have room for more bargaining on big items like this if you know which lever to pull.

      As Hercules suggested above, I think your best bet is to try the mesh pads vs rubber pads, and CY-8 vs CY-12RC at a shop to see if you like them.

      All the best.
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