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V-Drums used in Live Setting...?

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  • V-Drums used in Live Setting...?

    I've been using my v-Drums in a live setting for a while now. I'm using my td-8 as my module and running a few trigger pads as well as some scustic triggers. I'm not to happy with the sould that's coming out of the house PA, and it's been very inconsistent. So, I"m curious to know what you think is the best way to send a line to the house? I only need mono so I hvae been sending a 1/4 jack cable from the Main output L into a DI box. But the other thing I have added to this chain is an AKAI headrush delay box (made for guitar). Are there major Impedance differences between the TD-8 output and the AKAI pedal?

    Basically, I just really need to know how to get the best signal to the house. Some sound guys are getting frustrated with the signal I'm giving them, and the sound I'm getting is a bit week and thin sounding.

    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: V-Drums used in Live Setting...?

    Originally posted by dkummer
    I only need mono so I hvae been sending a 1/4 jack cable from the Main output L into a DI box. But the other thing I have added to this chain is an AKAI headrush delay box (made for guitar).
    I do basically the same thing with my TD-6 live - 1/4 jack from my TD-6 L (Mono) Main out to my monitor, then from my monitor pre-amp out to the DI box, then to the house. No problems with the house sound. Have you tried taking that AKAI box out of the loop?


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      I would imagine that the weak, thin signal is from using the delay pedal. That pedal is designed for guitar which has a much different frequency response and range than Vdrums. I used a delay on one pad by plugging the pad into the delay and then the delay into the module. Then you are not delaying the sound but the trigger signal instead. Hope that all makes sense. Good luck!
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        Am sending L and R to dynacord 600 desk for monitor and Aux send from Desk to PA, can push volume up through amp, no problems. Before i had similar problems direct from Module to PA poor signal
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          take the delay box out, and tell them to learn how to do their jobs. it's just an unbalanced line level feed.
          d.i. is fine - it's good to balance audio when it's going to go a distance - but the signal's not a weak thing like a guitar or mic.

          weak thin sounds are mostly achieved by failing to match impedances. make sure the receivig equipment is expecting domestic line level.

          not your fault, i bet.
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            Thanks for all the advice. I agree that it is the guitar pedal that is hurtin my signal. Unfortunately, this pedal has become quite integral to my sound. Not only is it a tap tempo delay, but also a phrase sampler. This allows be to build up levels or dram loops on the fly and play on top of them. (works well for the electronica "DJ" style of the music we play).

            So.....My options are this....
            I do have a mackie 1202mixer that i was thinking of bringing out. This woudl allow me to adjust the levels and put the pedal in the efx loop. Then run from the balancer xlr out to the house.


            I can find a new looping device that had line level (or whatever the v-drums are) input, then from there into the D.I. box and out to the house.


            thanks again


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              check out the Electrix Repeater. It is made for on the fly looping, especialy live. Can be controled by a foot petal.

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                yes- 'fraid trying to stick a line-level output into a guitar pedal (about mic level) is a bit optimistic - it's not just the voltage that's thousands of times larger (that's easily solved), but the impedance difference means you lose different parts of the frequency spectrum and it's harder to deal with. eq is just a remedy that can't work as well as a proper cure.
                rather than converting twice to accommodate for the pedal, it may be a better long-term solution to trade it in for something with the right sort of input.
                that repeater looks jolly expensive, and it's not clear from 3 seconds' reading whether it's right for a td8.
                "My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met."


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                  yes, I completly understand what your saying. Makes sence.

                  Does anyone know where I can purchase a repeater. Seeing as they have been discontinued since July they are completly out of stock everywhere I looked.

                  Do you think that my other idea of using a mixer infront of the pedal would work?

                  thanks again.