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TD-10 to TD-20

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  • TD-10 to TD-20

    Hello everyone,

    Iíve been playing the TD-10 Vdrums since 1998. I upgraded the original Vdrums over the years to use the CY series cymbals, KD 120 Bass Drum and upgraded the module with the TDW-1 expansion card. I have the newer VH-12 V Hats on order as I was told I could use that with my TDW-1 module.

    I am thinking I want to upgrade my module to the TD-20. Question, will the newer brain work with the older Vdrums? When I looked at the latest and greatest Vdrum kit, the insides of the drums look totally different, something about dual triggering. But Iím wondering if the older drums really need to be upgraded and what kind of response I can expect.

    Thanks for any answers!
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    I thought that the only differne between the Pads (PD-100 tvs. PD-105 / PD-120 vs. PD-125) is the newer Basket inside which holds the Trigger-Cushion.
    It could be that the PD-100s do not support Rim-Triggering, but I'm not sure.
    (The PD-80s did not support that, PD-80R (Snare) and the newer PD-85 do)

    As far as I know you can upgrade your Module with your old Pads.


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      i've used pd-100's pd-120's with my td-20,
      old style cross bar triggers work great,
      dynamics and response are fine.
      and if you never hit the tom rims -i couldn't,
      as i've been trying too hard to avoid them-
      you wouldn't even need basket trigs ?
      pd-100's do not have a rim sensor, btw
      a pd-125 is best for snare though,
      in my opinion..
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        Here is the list of compatible pads from page 44 of the manual.
        Roland will let you download the manual, so you might want to do that first and check things out.

        Trigger Type Used Model
        PD125 PD-125
        PD120 PD-120
        PD105 PD-105
        PD100 PD-100
        PD80R PD-80R, PD-80
        PD9 PD-9
        PD8 PD-8
        PD7 PD-7
        PD6 PD-6
        KD120 KD-120
        KD80 KD-80
        KD8 KD-8
        KD7 KD-7
        CY15R CY-15R
        CY12RC CY-12R/C
        CY14C CY-14C
        CY8 CY-8
        CY6 CY-6
        CY12H CY-12H
        VH12 VH-12
        KICK When using a non-Roland kick trigger
        PAD1 When using a non-Roland pad
        RT7K RT-7K
        RT5S RT-5S
        RT3T RT-3T


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          Originally posted by mechmove View Post
          I have the newer VH-12 V Hats on order as I was told I could use that with my TDW-1 module.
          You may want to double-check this...IIRC, the VH-12 is not compatible with the TD-10 exp. but the VH-11 is.
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            Thanks again for responses everyone!

            Iíve had no need had get a rim sound on the toms. The fact rim triggering is now available for toms might make my life more difficult. I like the idea of getting a single PD 125 for a new snare, and using the other 120 as another tom. Then maybe upgrade the toms later if I see the need to go there.

            I should have checked everything before buying, those sales guys are not always in the know, but now I have an excuse to buy the new TD-20 . I canít stand the CY HiHats for stick work; I tended to use them only for foot playing in Jazz patterns.