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music tracks without drums?

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  • music tracks without drums?

    does anyone recommend some good suppliers of music that has the drums missing? I mean stuff like music-minus-one, or rhythm section workout (which i use a lot)
    -they're great to practice to, but it's hard getting hold of them...
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    Play along with Kiss is in music stores!


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      Here is what I just started doing.

      Play midi files (in the GM format) with channel 10 muted.
      (channel 10 is the drum track)

      The quality of the free midi files on the net is all over the map, but there are some that are worthwhile without much tweeking (if any tweeking at all).

      I did not like the default non-drum sounds of the TD-6 when playing GM files thru it. I did not have any other studio gear like a lot of members of this forum, so I got a cheap PSR292 that gets me going with pretty good GM sounds (at least for my blown out ears) for now till I figure out what better midi and studio equipment I want to get.

      If no midi files exist, Print Music 2002 has an option to scan in sheet music and output midi. Cool for a $60 program.


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        A lot of drum method books and transcription books include play-along CD's these days. Some of my favorites are David Garibaldi, "Tower of Groove," Dennis Chambers "In the Pocket" and "Serious Moves" and " Funkifying the Clave" by Robbie Ameen and Lincoln Goines.
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          buy an acid program and make your own.
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