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Can't get MIDI IO setup...Shouldn't this work? Do I need another midiport?

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  • Can't get MIDI IO setup...Shouldn't this work? Do I need another midiport?

    Cubase5 > SBLive Soundcard midi out > Yamaha PSR500 keyboard > TD10 > SBLive Soundcard midi IN > Cubase5.

    1. I use the Keyboard as a controller for the sound card (soundfonts).
    2. I use the VDrums for TD10 sounds(of course).
    3. I need Cubase to play back midi on the TD10 and Soundfonts (sblive) only. I don't need sounds to played on the keyboard.
    4. I've RTFMs, and played with Cubase\Keyboard\TD10 midi settings and have tried a few wiring schemes.

    I just can't get #1, #2, and #3 (above) to work at the same time. Do I just need to buy another Midi port? And am I creating some kind of undesirable midi loop?

    Thanks for your time.

    Any midi guru's

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    If you are only using one midi controller,
    (your keyboard) you only need ONE midi input...since you will be going out to your keyboard and in to your soundcard...

    You should then be going midi out from the soundcard to midi in on the TD-10

    Are the midi ports activated in the Soundblaster configuration software...??

    In Cubase5, are you assigning the TD-10 to channel 10 and its respective midi port??
    Is the Td-10 set to receive on channel 10...?


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      I'm using both the keyboard and Vdrums to input midi into Cubase..at least I'd like to.

      So, I'm shooting for:
      A. Two midi IN's to my soundcard. Connections = keyboard > TD10 > soundcard OR TD10 > Keyboard > soundcard.

      B. One midi out of my soundcard to control the TD10 apon playback. Connections = soundcard > TD10 or Soundcard > Keyboard > TD10 depending on which way I connect Midi IN (see part A).

      Sorry for this confusing question. I'd be suprised if no one else has needed this setup.

      Thanks again for any help


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        If thats what your trying to do then you dont have enough midi outs/ins and you need a midi interface..look at some of the motu interfaces, you need at least 2 in and 2 out..

        Down the road, I'd ditch the Soundblaster setup...some of the Midiman cards, the Echo card, Aardvark, RME, etc...would make a HUGE difference in your setup...

        If you like your Soundfonts, with Cubase there are some VST samplers on the market that accept SF2 format...VSampler from Speedsoft is one of them...cheap, and integrates beautifully with Cubase..

        my two cents....good luck


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          I've been playing with the softsynths and aside from taking up resources they seem pretty useful. Regard the SBLive..I use APS drivers which give you ASIO channels, low latency(10-20ms), on-board realtime effects, and soundfont capability? I really would like to ditch the Live\APS setup but don't want to pay more for less functionality. I've spent too much already on the Vdrums.

          Thanks for your info.
          PS.. Any opinion on "super realistic" drum samples for those softsynths. Drumset from hell, NYC...etc



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            any softsampler that accepts AKAI format gives you the opportunity to hear the most realistic I've heard..Bob Clearmountain Drums, Best Service Pure Drums, amongst a few others...

            I've had pretty good luck with the AO DK1 VST drum sampler..for about $45, it worked great with Cubase and comes with an Ambient Kit and an Acoustic Kit that were surprisingly realistic once you got in there and multi-layered your samples...

            The problem with the SB Live card is the poor A/D conversion and bad signal to noise ratio...


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              Sorry about the bad link above..

              try this...