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TD-12 Mesh head wear?

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  • TD-12 Mesh head wear?

    Hey all, yesterday I purchased my first electronic kit the td-12 package, it is an awesome kit and I'm loving it, but I noticed some weird blackish marks on the heads after 3-4 hours of playing, I'm not sure if my sticks were dirty or what. Also, I'm paranoid that I didn't tighten the heads enough initially, it looked like their were very minor stick indentations on one of my toms, since then i tightened everything even more, all the triggers seem to be working fine, what are the chances I actually damaged the head or triggers?

    Thanks for any help

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    Welcome to the forum!
    If they were really loose you could potentially have damaged the triggers, but it's not that likely.
    The marks on the heads are a tad odd, but I will hazard a guess that if you catch the rubber rim with the stick head, some of the rubber rubs onto the stick and thus gets transferred to the head, and being white they show up.


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      What size sticks? You don't need tree trunks when you have a volume knob.



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        Dents are an indication of a too loose head and/or striking with too much force, the latter most like a cause of using too heavy a stick (as Bart alluded to). Black marks are a little more puzzling.

        What kind of sticks are you using?
        Id rather be told the ugly truth than handed a pretty lie.


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          The indentations arent as nearly as bad as i originally thought, i was just playing and it looks like its how the light is hitting the one tom makes it show off the stick marks more or something, there arent really any actual deep indentations, the skin seems to be pretty even, i tightened everything up a bit further just to be safe. My sticks are wood vic firth american sticks, I dont have them with me at the moment but they are medium sized I'd say, definitely not too large. I think the suggestion about the rubber rim rubbing onto the stick a bit and then onto the one skin is probably about right as well.

          thanks guys appreciate it.


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            The black marks may be small amounts of rubber wearing off the cymbals onto the tips of your sticks, then you're transferring it onto the mesh heads - that's what I get on my kit.


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              Watch how you Buff the cymbals up, I used Armoural, it got them looking nice but the black rubber transfer to the mesh heads was terrible, the best Ive found is furniture polish and a rub for the rubbers. I had to clean all the mesh heads after that, a bit of bleach, dish washing liquid and a touch of Handy Andy to remove the black, and a blast under the cold water tap to clean all that off and now they are good as new.
              I spent a few weeks thrashing my kit (didn't know any better at that stage) I never left a dent so I think it must come down to low head tension.
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