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Is the Yamaha DTXPRESS 4 kit considered pro?

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  • Is the Yamaha DTXPRESS 4 kit considered pro?

    Looking at buying an edrum kit and I like the set up and sounds of these. Will be just local gigging etc. I know they are not top of the line but are they considered good enough for pro use?

    Many thanks

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    You recognize the DTXpress IV is not Yamaha's top-line and you state you liked the set-up/sounds. As to whether others may consider if they are good enough for pro use, what does it matter as long as your satisfied with your choice.

    The DTXpress IV will be ok for local gigging. Have fun playing out regardless of what brand or model you use. WW
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      I own a DTXpress IV Special and probably would not recommend it in it's stock form for gigging. Mainly b/c it will not take long to destroy the RS85 rack that comes standard with it.

      As for sound quality vs price, you get a lot of Bang for the buck with the DTXpress IV Special V2.
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        Depends what you mean by Pro Use. How much are you going to be gigging and how regular? I wouldnt recommend rubber pads for anyone who is going to be playing a lot, not the most comfortable type of pad for the long term.

        If you are going pro, I would look at spending more money for mesh heads and look at it as an investment. Really depends on how much you are going to be playing and of course, the money you will be making to see what kind of investment is worth it. I just spent the last 6 years playing the drums for a living and in no way were rubber pads an option.
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