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Wharfedale Pro EVP-X12M Drum Amp - anyone tested one?

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  • Wharfedale Pro EVP-X12M Drum Amp - anyone tested one?

    I came across the site while looking for stick bags, and noticed this amp:

    I was curious if anyone has come across it at all, and if they had an opinion, as it seems to have a lot of bang for it's buck, so to speak.
    I know you can't believe manufacturers claimed figures, so any thoughts apprecited.

    BTW. Nice site for all things drum etc if you are UK based.

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    Hey Kev...Mate i use to have 3 of them (the 15" version) . Use to use them for foldback in the band. For the change they pretty good, they sound fairly decent, and can handle some bottom end (at least the 15's could). The only downside to them i found was the top end was just a little brittle (fairly easy to adjust from the on board 5 band GEQ) and the carpet that they are covered in seem to not hold up very well to life on the road, but if you not carting it around a lot then that wouldn't be so much of a prob. For what its worth, my whole band now runs IEM's but i still run a couple of powered boxes on stage to throw a bit of stage wash about and i use 2 of these...... They really do sound good,bloody loud, compact, light weight and amazing bottom end response, they also lay on there side as a foldback monitor and best of all CHEAP!. Been running these now 3-4 nights a week for 6 months with zero probs...


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      Happy new year BTW..
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        Cheers for that. I like the look of the Behringers I must admit, and Wharfedale are stigmatised as a "budget" brand these days, but it looked a bit of a brute so I was curious.
        I'm nowhere near gigging yet, so it's no biggie there, but I do need one around June next year (I like to plan ahead!)
        Happy new year to you too.


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          I use 2 Wharfedale Titan 12 active and a Samson ex500 sub and i am very happy with them. Al
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            I use the BEHRINGER B300, I got them second hand for $100 each and they sound good, placed either side of the kit and turned up it all starts humming. I also have two wharfedale EV 15" 400 watt powered, 700 each with stands and they sound better, they used about 6 of these daisy chained up for xmas in the park and went well.

            Happy new year to all and may you all get a new set of earplugs
            Nothing of importance here