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TD-20 replacement....

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  • TD-20 replacement....

    Is anyone aware of the TD-20 being replaced by, let's just say hypothetically, a TD-30? I am looking into purchasing the TD-20 and TDW20 soon, however I would really be bummed if a new module came out just after my purchase. Anyone aware of anything down the pike?



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    My flux capacitor is broken at the moment.

    I'm watching one on ebay, as well as a old Tardis.

    I'll yet you know if I hear anything...


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      I would imagine some time will pass so they can sell the TDW-20's...Roland is very good at keeping secrets.
      chris :D


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        if you look at the pattern of how Roland has released modules until now, there is an average of roughly 7 years inbetween upgrades...which means the td 30 might come out in 2011 or 2012....

        so some time to wait....
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          Thanks!!! It is now time to sell my house and get the TD-20 and TDW-20.


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            Just bought the TD20's myself - got a great deal on an unmarked demo set. Perhaps that's an option to look at?


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              I wouldn't sweat the TD30 release just yet.

              The TDW20 hasn't run it's course yet...so you have some time on your hands.

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                I had the same question, and after being egged on by vdrums members, I ended up buying a td-20 kit a couple weeks ago.

                I highly recommend bpmmusic.com for price and service.
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                  Originally posted by evil1rox View Post
                  I wouldn't sweat the TD30 release just yet.

                  The TDW20 hasn't run it's course yet...so you have some time on your hands.

                  Ahhhh but the longer Roland waits it gives new and old competitors a look in to bringing out something new and technologies are moving faster and faster. I would not be surprised to see Roland with some new product later this year. I'm hoping for a combined module/computer based thing. The first company that brings this to the table is gonna clean up.


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                    Muse Receptor and Hart's D-trig that never came out.
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