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Opinions on the new Pintech cymbals????

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  • Opinions on the new Pintech cymbals????

    I'm interested in the new Pintech dual-zone cymbals. (Looking to replace my CY-6's, and I suspect I'm not alone here!) Can anyone give a comparison to any other v-cymbal pads? Esp. the PD-7/9's, CY-6, or Yamaha PCY-80S. (I know this has been suggested before but I haven't found a detailed playing impression/comparison of the new Pintechs!) Thanks!!

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    I own PD-9/7's, Yamaha PCY-80S/60S and have tried out the new Pintech "Zenbals" at the NAMM show.

    PD-9/7's are very responsive and fine if you like a rigid mounted pad that does not even look like a cymbal.

    Yamaha's are equally responsive and can be mounted on a standard cymbal mount with a device that keeps them pointed forward. They are a 1/4 circle kinda like a cymbal.

    I have four CY-6's and they work fine so far. I am using one for a hi-hat with a hi-hat mount I bought from Pintech. I have it mounted so it will not "swing". The aluminum mounts that come with the CY-6's allow them to "swing" for a realistic feel. They are a full 12" diameter circle.

    The new Pintech's I tried at the NAMM are a full 14" circle. They play very close to an acoustic cymbal. They are completely rubber coated on top with a raised ring around the edge. Plus you can't beat their lifetime guarantee.
    I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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      I am buying four Pintech Zenbals next week and plan to sell my CY-6's on Ebay.
      I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!