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Is this a good deal for a Mint Roland TD-6SX?

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  • Is this a good deal for a Mint Roland TD-6SX?

    I have a chance to get a mint TD-6SX wtih all original boxes, receipt, etc. for $1300. He will also throw in a mint Tama Iron Cobra pedal. The kit was probably played twice. It has the newer black module, not the blue one. I went to look at it today and was very impressed by the condition. Is this a good deal? He originally wanted $1500 but I talked him down. I am concerned that the set may be to old now as I know it has been discontinued. I was also concerned about the module not allowing 3 way triggering for the cymbals (I believe I read it couldn't do bell triggering). How important is that and what does that exactly mean? I read about not being able to perform rim shots on the toms but I don't think I would miss that feature as I rarely do that on my acoustic set. Sorry for so many questions and thanks in advance!

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    Excellent deal. Jump on that.


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      In normal playing, you'll seldomly crash the edge of your ride. With 3-way trigger, people usually assign a different sound (e.g. China cymbal) to the edge. If you don't have 3-way trigger, you just use the bell and the bow. What you miss is the extra instrument. Not a big deal. You'll have rim shots on toms on TD-6V if they're rubber pads. See this chart. Again rims on toms are usually used to trigger other sounds.
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        Also, you can get bell shots on the ride with velocity switching...see the td6 manual, and the list of drum sounds at the back to see which sounds are velocity switched.

        and to confirm Scio's post, you can get rim sounds on the toms and snare (and cymbals) with the td6v..the sounds are not quite the most modern and highest quality that Roland does (for that you need newer and more expensive modules), but I started out on the td6 and absolutely loved it - until it became time to upgrade!
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          i also started with a td-6v which i think if it's loaded with some good Vex's (actually they are all good) it can keep you satisfied.The deal you have done is not bad.Relating the tom rim sounds you can get some nice cowbells...
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            Thanks to everyone's reply. I was worried it wasn't a great deal but my friend at work that plays V drums (he has a TD-10 set) said I should jump on it. I will be able to do rim shot's on the snare on this set though correct? I believe I read you could but I wanted to be sure. I originally was going to buy a TD-6SW about six months ago but the deal fell through plus I have had one heck of a time convincing my wife that V drums would be a good idea. I have an acoustic set but it is still in drum cases because we have two little children (1 and 3) plus space is an issue in our house. She wants me to put them in the garage but I am not okay with that because I worry about the heat/cold during the year and the effect on the drums. She is not totally jazzed about having to make a little room in our bedroom for it but we are taking up living room space with her piano . V Drum's naturally came up because they are a lot quieter plus they take up less room than acoustic drums. I offered to take back a few toys I bought with christmas money (rock band 2 bundle, movies, games) so at least she can see I am serious about it. I honestly was going to wait a little while longer for a set but this kit pretty much had everything I wanted and mesh heads which I thought would be something I would have to wait at least a year to get.


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              Originally posted by YOTR View Post
              I will be able to do rim shot's on the snare on this set though correct? I believe I read you could but I wanted to be sure.
              Yes; any TD-6 module will do snare rim shots with any dual trigger pad.



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                Unless you can foresee moving to a bigger place soon, one obvious option to convince your wife is to sell your acoustic kit.
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                  Wake up the wife one morning by bashing around on your acoustics.
                  You'll then find it much easier to get the blessing for the V-drums.