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VH-11 vs CY-12-H

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  • VH-11 vs CY-12-H

    does anyone have any experience with these 2 products. I need a comparison rating or opinions. I am trying to decide on a purchase. Thanks
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    Your best bet would be to use the Search function for VH-11 or CY-12. You'll get a ton of hits and give you plenty to read about.
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      You may already know all of this info but here goes anyway...
      And to all the more experienced V-Drummer's out there... please correct me on any of this if it's not accurate...

      The major difference between the VH-11 and CY-12H is that the VH is a 'floating' Hi-Hat design, requires a hardware hi-hat stand to function and is currently supplied with the TD-12 kit... and the CY is a static (fixed) cymbal-shaped pad which is mounted on a tom holder, requires a separate foot controller to operate and was supplied with the older TD-10 kit.

      In terms of functionality and sensitivity, they're identical... however, in terms of performance, the VH behaves much more like a real pair of hi-hats, despite the single floating pad design.

      In my opinion, the only advantage the CY has over the VH is versatility of placement on your kit (as it's positioning is not dictated to by a physical hi-hat stand... one of the reasons why I personally quite like the humble CY-5)... otherwise, you'll probably find most on here would recommend you go for the newer VH-11. This is all assuming of course, that your module is compatible...?

      Do a search on here. There will be many varying - but helpful - opinions and views.


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        I currently use a VH-11 but did have a CY12H and there is no comparison! The VH-11 is way better than the CY-12H in my opinion. The CY-12H is a static pad and I don't see any real advantage over a CY-5 which is much cheaper, but if you want something that more resembles a real hi-hat in terms of feeling then a VH-11 (or VH-12) is the way to go ... or a Hart hihat, but I've never used one.